Balaclava Storm universal tactical Army digital camo EMR

Balaclava Storm universal tactical Army digital camo EMR

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Balaclava Storm pixel universal airsoft / ski / combat / assault mask special forces headwear Digital camouflage is comfortable and soft, it combines a mask and a hood, a scarf or facial mask-scarf. Light movement of the hand closes or open your face. Good air permeability, thin & soft, versatile size. Developed taking into account the opinions of representatives of special services and law enforcement agencies.

Universal balaclava n digital EMR can be used as:


Facial mask;



The movement of the hand can open / close the face - this is especially important for people using a protective helmet in the high-risk area. Pluses: Elongated throat balaclavas for convenience of refueling the collar of the form; Comfortable with prolonged wear; Good air permeability; Universal size; Does not irritate the skin; Hypoallergenic; Quick-drying; Moisture-removing; Soft; Thin. Received positive reviews from: Lovers of extreme sports; Representatives of law enforcement agencies; Airsofters; Hunters. Withstands a long exposure: High temperatures of aquatic environment; Ultraviolet; Sweat. Recommendations for care: Manual or machine wash up to 60 degrees; Ironing is not required.

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