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Special forces & Tactical summer leather boots


Army tactical summer boots. Genuine leather. Made for special forces, airsoft, tactical and senior command staff general use...

Leather urban tactical airsoft BOOTS 701


Upper: genuine chrome leather (1.4 - 1.6 mm).    Lining: Non-woven and abrasion resistant    fast drying high density (150 g / m.).    Sole: TEP (± 40 ° C), 2121.    The method of attaching soles: glue-pin.    Insoles: metal.    Toe and heel: reinforced thermoplastic    ma..

Special forces tactical winter leather boots


Tactical warm leather boots with buckles, used by Officers and senior command staff. Good quality, fur inside...

Summer tactical camo Rip-Stop airsoft uniform


Summer gray camouflage suit. High-quality military uniform, consists of jacket on buttons and pants, quality rip stop fabrics. The jacket has 6 pockets, 4 pockets on the pants.Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF...

Tactical Assault boots "Extreme" leather Urban-type combat boots professional Airsoft training boots Warm Winter footwear


The top combo: elastic leather + chrome leather (1.2 - 1.4 mm). Lining: natural sheepskin. Sole: TEP (± 40 ° C), 121. The method of attaching soles: glue. Insoles: metal Toe and heel: reinforced thermoplastic material. Other: Semi-dull valve, black color, weight: 720 gr.Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product an..

Tactical winter boots Warm Assault leather boots Urban-type combat footwear


Upper: genuine chrome leather (1.4 - 1.6 mm). Lining: synthetic fur. Sole: TEP (± 40 ° C), 2121. The method of attaching soles: glue-pin. Insoles: metal. Toe and heel: reinforced thermoplastic material. Deaf valve protects the foot from impact environment (dust, water, dirt). Hooks. Soft edge. black color. Weight: 770 gr.Ma..

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