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Tactical desert suede leather airsoft boots by BTK Group


Special tactical suede leather boots, made for Army use in desert conditions. Produced by BTK Group, perfect quality leather and sole.Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF...

Army DESERT camo hat 4-color airsoft tactical cap


Army special military hat 4 color DESERT camouflage cap.  ..

Army hat 5-color desert camo airsoft tactical cap


Army hat 5-color desert camo airsoft tactical cap..

Desert camo tactical boots Professional Airsoft combat boots Urban-type training footwear


Upper: velor (1.3 - 1.5 mm).Lining: nonwoven resistant to abrasion and quickly drying of high density (150 g / m.).Sole: rubber increased durability (Italy).The method of attaching soles: glue. Insoles: metal.Toe and heel: reinforced thermoplastic material.Deaf valve protects the foot from impact the environment (dust, water, dirt).Speed lacing. So..

KLM Sniper tactical Camo airsoft uniform on zipper "PIXEL DESERT" pattern


Summer camouflage "KLM" suit pattern "PIXEL DESERT". High-quality tactical uniform, consists of jacket on zipper (with hood) and pants. The jacket has 2 pockets, 2 pockets on the pants. ..

Tactical Army digital / desert pixel DOUBLE CAMO uniform Ratnik


Masking suit of the new generation Ratnik digital pixel camouflage (double-sided). Sides are shown as green EMR and and desert pixel. The Was created for the army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Suit consists of jacket and trousers. Features of the model and color of fabrics allow to wear it both face and back side, depending on the need for ..

Tactical Assault leather BOOTS URBAN DELTA DESERT 526 П


This model is based on the development of leading foreign manufacturers of tactical footwear. Made of high-quality natural skin "Velour" with a protective skin «Matrix». Anatomical removable insoles «EVA COMFORT» adds even more convenience. This model is an excellent urban tactical boots.Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and..

Tactical desert camo Gorka 3 modern digital uniform


Desert camo Gorka 3 modern digital  uniform. This demi season uniform. Designed for subdivisions being in areas of combat and tactical actions, also is perfect for camping, airsoft, hunting. The main top fabric of the suit has sufficiently stable indicators according to the following criteria: it keeps warm, water-repellent, breatha..

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