Tactical high ankle boots GARSING 117 O “AIR”

Tactical high ankle boots GARSING 117 O “AIR”

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This model is most suitable both for army tasks in conditions of hot and moderate climate, and for ordinary, everyday wearing. Provides maximum user comfort, has a modern design, perfectly combined with both tactical uniform and ordinary jeans. In 117 O "AIR" a high-speed loop is used for easy lacing. The velor component of the shaft design has a special "rupture" for easy folding of the ankle and ensuring normal blood circulation while staying in the firing position on the knee. There is an additional block to strengthen the fixation of the shoe on the leg, if necessary.

The upgraded outsole "ARAVI" guarantees excellent grip with virtually any type of surface. The top made of velor and high-strength nylon provides excellent breathability and easy maintenance with a conventional metal brush and extra impregnation sprays

Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF.

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