Tactical high ankle boots urban GARSING 0526 “DELTA NEW”

Tactical high ankle boots urban GARSING 0526 “DELTA NEW”

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This model includes the best properties of well-known foreign analogues. It is made by experts for professionals: police and tactical personnel.

One of the most important factors in this footwear is the modern, multi-functional sole "Multi". It is made of two layers. The first layer, cushioning and soft, is made of foamed TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) microlite, the second layer on the undercarriage, dense and having a large thickness for resistance to abrasion, is made of wear-resistant TEP.

The outer part of the boot is made of genuine leather or velor, depending on the color. In the toe and heel parts are special lining of rubberized leather "MATRIX". This is a genuine leather, on which hot rubber is applied under high pressure. Due to what, this material is very strong and incredibly resistant to external influences, such as friction, punctures, jams, etc.

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