Soviet /  tactical steel helmet SSh-68 protection KASKA

Soviet / tactical steel helmet SSh-68 protection KASKA

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The helmet SS-68 (steel helmet of the 1968 model) is the further development of the combined-arms helmet SSh-60. It differs from the prototype with greater strength, a greater inclination of the front (frontal) wall of the dome and shortened bumps, bent outwards. Painted in a dark green color. Helmet US-60 was actively used by a contingent of Soviet troops and Afghanistan. Against the fragment helmet-helmet SS 68 - a protective headpiece made of steel with a strap for fixing on the chin and bumps bent outward. It was used by the amy of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries. The beginning of release 1968 year.

Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF.

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