Russian military vest for the submachine gunner "Tiger"

Russian military vest for the submachine gunner "Tiger"

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Tactical discharge system "Tiger" load bearing vest allows to evenly distribute the weight of the combat load, providing freedom of movement. The waistcoat is adjusted in the shoulders by height and side - in width from 46 to 60 sizes. Shoulder straps are provided with a soft lining for comfortable wearing a waistcoat. All pouches are sewn, except for those that have the system M.O.L.L.E. Tiger LBV is fastened with a zipper and two fastex fasteners, in addition there are slivers in the unloading, in which a hard strap with fasteks is threaded.


- adjustable in size from 46 to 60 (US 36 to US 50);

- pockets provide for the discharge of water;

- 8 magazines AK (4 pockets);

- 4 grenades;

- 4 light flares or 4 smoke bombs;

- has a compartment for the first aid kit;

- on the back pocket of M.O.L.L.E. system. for additional equipment.

- for a while only khaki color available.

Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF.

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